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It's pretty easy to advertise your business @ the American Online Mall.

You only need to choose one of our ad-offers (3 months, 6 months or 12 months) and the category or subcategory you want to place the ad on and click on "buy now" and the transaction is completed. Paypal will charge your Creditcard, Debitcard or bankaccount, whatever you chosen. Fast and Secure! Then please send us your ad (up to 175px width, up to 90px height, max. 20kb) so we can place it at the booked space (you can also send a link to the ad, if the ad is on your server). If you don't have an ad, we can create one for you for a small fee - please contact us for details. Then we need the URL of the website, we should link to. That's all.

Please send ads, links, URL, etc. to Thank you!

IMPORTANT NOTE: We don't accept ads/links for/to websites with racist or fascist or XXX-rated content or content of a totalitarian ideology or from totalitarian and/or fascist organizations. The websites must be in English or must have at least English as their primary language.
Ads/links for websites that break this rules will be removed without any refund.

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